The AHS Junior Board will be organizing this year’s prom once again, which will take place on May 14th from 6:30 to 11 p.m. at the Doubletree by Hilton in Danvers, MA. Despite unsurities and rumors throughout the student body about the style of the event this year, students should know that this year’s prom will be a combined Junior and Senior one due to AHS Student Handbook protocol.

The Junior Board however, does plan on shifting the traditional Junior/Senior event to one just for 11th grade students. One reason why they plan to change the style is to make “the venue…be more local, such as the Wyndham…” states Junior Class Co-Advisor Mrs. Hibino. According to Hibino, all local venues are currently unable to fit the average number of students who go to prom, so having just a Junior Prom would mean that local venues would work. Also, this way it would be “safer for those students driving themselves and [who would] need to get home late at night” Hibino concludes.

The Junior Board believe that the parents of students who attend prom would like to see their children entering in, so a closer space would be easier for parents to do so. Mrs. Hibino points out that this is usually “difficult to do in Danvers” as it is a half an hour drive from here.

Additionally, Seniors have a semi-formal event at the Country Club planned in their senior week, so they may not want to pay the same ticket price to go to the same event they attended last year.

Regarding the tickets for prom (which are on sale for $75 this entire week during all 4 lunches), Mrs. Hibino says that whether the costs reduce is not really based on the venue changes. Instead,

“[i]t all comes down to the costs associated with having it at a particular place and being able to cover those costs”.


By Trisha Ballakur